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Stockholm Sweden Panorama



My name is Tina Rawson

My nickname is "Blomma" which means flower. I love art, speaking Swedish with my daughter and baking bullar. I am a painter, and a teacher of over 20+ years experience. I love to tell people about Sweden and to have fun together. 

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The Full Story

I'm a Swedish-American artist. At age 13 my mother, sister and I moved to Lund, Sweden where I lived for five years. This greatly impacted my view of the world. I learned the language, about my mother's Swedish culture, and became immersed in the lifestyle. I've enjoyed teaching and sharing my experience with others whether it be "fika" with friends, or going St. Lucia for children at preschools in the Newburyport area. I also blog at

With over 20 years experience as a teacher when I became an artist I decided to learn more about "kurbits" which is a style from the mid-1700's to mid-1800's that is much beloved by Swedes and myself. Reminiscent of Art Nouveau, it has many swirls and natural elements as well as an endearing folkloric style. It's quirky and cute. It's a forgiving style, anyone can do it, and I've really had fun sharing what I know with others!

A proud member of VASA (Birka Lodge in Massachusetts) I teach locally in person, and outside of the local area via zoom. I present a brief history of the art and then we have fun making colorful, quirky art together in the "kurbits" style. My first class was in November 2021 and since then I've taught over 40 people this fun art and I hope that many more will want to work with me! 

“Thank you so much Tina! We really enjoyed learning Kurbits! All of your culture and knowledge of Sweden was so interesting - really enjoyed it!”

Susan and Amy Kindstedt

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