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Thank you!

Thank you for joining me at the Scandinavian Cultural Center and The Hamilton Wenham Library for fun Swedish Folk Art Classes! 

Some of the things that they said about the class:

"Loved the class. It was a wonderful way to get in touch with my creative side." - Francine Mollay

"Thank you for a wonderful class Tina! It was fun, relaxed, and I learned a lot!"  Tessa Schwartz

"Wonderful class and I loved it. Thank you so much." 

"We enjoyed the history and cultural exploration of Swedish folk art. Wonderful class. Thanks!"

"The class was so lovely, loved every minute of it. Thank you!"

Thanks to you all for writing these kind words in my book and for creating art from your hearts! ~ Tina


Claudia Georgenes, MA

“You're the best,Tina - we needed this"

Katrin Keating, CT

"Thank you! So much fun Tina! Loved it!"

Rachel Cooper, MA

“Thank you! We loved learning about Swedish Folk Art!”

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