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Tina Rawson, founder of Start 2 Art, is an artist and a certified teacher. She has taught Elementary Education, Preschool and Toddlers and she is currently an art teacher at Start 2 Art in beautiful Newburyport, MA.  Tina studied art at University of Pittsburgh, Mass College of Art, and taken art classes throughout her life. She worked with renowned painter Lully Schwartz at Northeast Atelier and she shows and sells her work.  Tina founded Start 2 Art in 2015 because she loves teaching and spreading the joy of creating art! Start 2 Art is her personal mantra - if you love art join us today!

Start 2 Art is a dream come true

Have you ever wanted something so badly that you didn't dare try to do it? Well for Tina that dream was making art and sharing it with the world. There are so many wonderful, famous artists it seemed redundant to try until one day she said "well if they can do it why can't I?" And why can't you? Do the things that make you happy!


She studied art in college and in 2000 Tina brushed off her paints and started to paint. An art trip to Mexico later, many art exhibitions under her belt, and juried shows she created Start 2 Art where everyone is invited to make art in the manner of true artists. 

Her approach is to provide good art materials and teach the students how to use them. Instead of telling them what to do, we show them how to do it.  Then the sky is the limit as students begin to explore their creativity and to express it in a safe and kind environment where ideas are shared and true friendships are made.

Start 2 Art!


Hadley had so much fun and learned a lot in Tina's lunch time art program earlier this year. We could hardly believe our luck when we heard that Tina was offering a summer program. It was even better when she told us it would combine art and nature at our most favorite park in the North Shore.  Somehow, Tina balances leading the NMS Transition Class, being an artist who exhibits her own paintings and founding and running Start2Art. She is a great role model when you know she does all that while prioritizing her family and all their activities.  The art show and portfolio of art projects we received at the end of her classes are a great memory for us from this year.  Personally, it has been great for me to get to know Tina and become her friend this year.  She is so kind to people of all ages and is one of the best listeners, I know.  

Events & Workshops
Horse lovers! 😍 And artists #Start2Art.jpg

Art for All

Private lessons for ages 6+, class for grades 1 - 3


Classes now 4/26, 5/3, 5/10 and 5/14 cost $125 for grades 1 - 3.

Private lessons held at Tina's studio can be tailored to your specifications, and interests whether it be painting, creating a portfolio or simply nurturing your child's creativity in a kind, supportive environment. Call 978-395-5567, or email Tina at


Family and Friends

14 Cedar Street

Swedish art classes for groups via zoom and in person are offered at 14 Cedar Street in Amesbury MA and other places in the local area. Or get on a zoom call! Please email me for more information and check out my Swedish site. Soon at the Scandinavian Living Center in West Newton on 4/27. Please contact them to sign up. 

Fun for the Grown-ups

Art for everyone is our motto - so why not join in on the fun?  Tina is available to host art parties for your bridesmaids, best friends, playgroup or just you!  Contact me for ideas and costs. Theme nights with a matching cocktail are very popular and a great way to get back into art-making!  Call or email today:

Heather Brownell 


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